Expressive BEM with Sass: a different approach

At first, I was intending to write some long-drawn blog post about how you can use a few Sass mixins to create a vocabulary abstraction that would allow a different, possibly more expressive way of writing BEM-classes. Instead, here's the short-form. ;) If you didn't know already, you can write BEM... Read more

It's (often) not about Life or Death

A while back, when I was doing UX and front-end consulting at an IT consulting firm, a discussion had arised between the consultants on the seriousness of our work (and the management and leadership of such a firm). Needless to say, the tides were going quite high. On one side,... Read more

Multiple Sites In Laravel Homestead, Revisited

Oh how I have struggled with the grand mysteries of adding additional Laravel projects to the new Laravel Homestead. On the box, it says to be so easy almost a chimp can do it (okay, Otwell et. al. didn't say that literally...), but I've been going back and forth this... Read more

My 5 Criterias For Executing On Ideas

When I get that urge to create something new, be it as a designer or a developer, it can be a bit complicated to actually decide on what to direct my creative energy towards. There are so many possibilities and goshdarnit if it went to waste on something worthless, right?... Read more

And So It Begins

1st of January of 2015 has arrived. And with it, my one-year sabbatical begins. It's going to be amazing (and a little scary), and what it will bring I do not know. Thankfully, I don't know. I've been waiting for this day for a whole year (even longer than that... Read more